Maybe I Can Help

Duncan Simpson, LCSWEverybody struggles at times in their lives. For many, emotional struggle leads to new understanding and choices that can take their lives to new levels. Others though, especially those who suffer from traumatic stress, may find themselves in the grip of chronic fear, anxiety, depression or other symptoms that don't seem to let go.

These individuals look for relief in any number of areas, some productive, some not. When the path to relief becomes a trail of loss and destruction, when coping habits and behaviors cause more harm than good, it's time to ask for help.

My name is Duncan Simpson. I am a psychotherapist whose clinical focus is psychological trauma: PTSD, C-PTSD, developmental trauma, male trauma, substance abuse, sexual disorders and other issues related to traumatic stress. I employ an eclectic approach to help clients reach their treatment goals, combining traditional "talk" therapy with QEEG-informed Neurofeedback and EMDR, where appropriate. This approach offers the best chance of healing past emotional wounds, alleviating current symptoms, and living more fully in the present.

The subtle, transformative power of Neurofeedback can change lives by attenuating the traumatic stress, attention issues, fear and anxiety that often drive behavioral and addictive disorders. EMDR is another powerful, targeted tool that can help resolve past trauma, improve current functioning, and help people become more present-focused.

There is an inner light in all individuals, regardless of circumstances, which, when cultivated, can lead to remarkable and enduring life changes. Having significant personal experience in life transformation, I am committed to help my clients face their unique life challenges, using a compassionate, strengths-based approach.

I work with individuals, couples and families. Please contact me if you believe I can be of help.